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Month: April 2016

School Council Update.

Dylan and Maddison, the school council representatives for Year 4 asked the class their opinions on a range of matters.

Mr Sutcliffe is corn earned about the amount of scrap paper being thrown away. The class thought it would be a good idea to have a recycling bin in the class to put scrap paper which could be transferred to the school’s recycling bin which is collected.

They told the class about the council’s idea to appoint a recycling manager. Someone who is passionate about recycling and would encourage others in the school to recycle more. Some children suggested that we could recycle other things such as ink cartridges and batteries. Quite a few children were interested in applying for the job!

We also looked at our school rules and Dylan and Maddison told the children about a competition to design a new logo for them , especially as our uniform had changed! Each class will choose a design to represent them and the whole school will get a chance to vote for the image to be displayed on the posters.

The class representatives also explained about the Easter holiday fund raising project, “Grow A Pound” to raise money to develop the overgrown patch of land at the end of the field! Next term they want to take ideas to the meeting with lots of suggestions as to how the land could be used!

Well done Dylan and Maddison!


Crazy Creatures!


Critters To You – visit Westwood!

Critters To You brings a range of creatures from different habitats to Westwood.

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